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Thai Herbal Compress for body


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Thai Herbal Massage Ball, 150g

Ingredients: Phlai, Turmeric, Kaffir Lime leaves,Kaffir Lime peel,Lemon grass,Pao Yai, Yar-en-yeud, Tao-en-on,Tamarine leaves, Som-Poi leaves,Pandanus,Wan -sao lonk, Dee-plee, Eucalyptus,Wan-nang -kam,Camphor. 100% unbleached cotton cover.

Size 150g: Approximately 18cm high and 9cm wide.
SHIPPING EXCLUSION FOR AUS/NZ: due to the untreated plant materials contained in this product and strict plant quarantine laws in Australia and New Zealand, we are NOT able to ship this product in retail quantity.

SHIPPING RESTRICTION FOR ITALY:  Camphor is a restricted substance in Italy and requires special (expensive!) licensing.  If you live in Italy, please go ahead and order – we will change the camphor ingredient with a fragrant, antibacterial herb called “wan sao long” and we will adjust the labeling with a sticker so there are no issues for you at customs.

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For centuries the Thai people have been using dried herbs to treat many different ailments in the body. One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is used in the form of an herbal compress. For centuries this ball was typically used on soldiers returning from battle to get immediate responses to inflammation from wounds and injuries. It was also used for treating soreness and pain from tired, achy muscles and joints.

For years spas in Europe and more recently in Australia have been using the power of the herbal compress to bring clients into an ancient world of the past, surrounding them with rich enticing aromas and deep moist heat that alleviate stress from everyday living.

Massage clinics have also started treating clients with the herbal compress, using them in Thai massage treatments. This is the perfect method for the removal of toxins that cause inflammation, improving muscle tone tension, and easing aches and pains from many conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries

Thai Herbal Massage Balls are (also known as herbal hot compress or “look phra kob” in Thai) are used by many massage therapists and individuals who believe in integrating the wisdom and experience of many cultures.

Thai Herbal Massage Balls were originally used as an energy shifting medium, with many of the herbs having not only amazing healing properties, but also spiritual significance.  Unlike many other Thai Herbal Massage Balls. We uses quality herbs as recommended by the Old Thai Medicine Hospital.

The herbal balls are made wet and then steamed (in a vegetable steamer or double boiler) to make them warm, and then applied in either a systematic way to the body’s energy meridians or (more simply) to sore or injured spots. Our package has detailed instructions for use in English Easy and fun to use, and each ball can be re-used up to 5 times (instructions for storage after use also on our pack).

Tip: Each ball is designed for single-client use. Instead of discarding the balls after each treatment, send them home with your client as your gift to them. The balls can be added to a bath or whirlpool to create a unique Thai experience at home.

 Herbal Ball Care for Home Use:
  • Store in a sealed plastic bag or container, making sure it is completely     dry before storing or it will get moldy
  • Can be stored for up to a week if kept refrigerated
  • Can also be stored frozen for up to 1 month
  • To reheat, soak ball in water for 3-5 minutes, microwave in 3/4 to 1″ of water for 2-3 minutes (if frozen, for best results let it thaw, otherwise soak for 10 minutes before heating)

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