Thai Traditional Medicine

What is Thai traditional medicine?

Thai traditional medicine is
defined by law as “the medical processes dealing with the examination,
diagnosis, therapy, treatment, or prevention of diseases, or promotion and
rehabilitation of the health of humans or animals, midwifery, Thai massage,
as well as the preparation, production of Thai traditional medicines
and the making of devices and instruments for medical purposes. All of
these are based on the knowledge or textbooks that were passed on and
developed from generation to generation”.


Thai Traditional Medicine can be divided into four main areas


1. Medical




Medicalpractice involving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases or symptoms. 100 O Traditional Medicine in KINGDOM OF THAILAND





2. Pharmacy


Pharmacy practice involving the use of medicinal materials derived from plants, animals or minerals as traditional medicines and the art of compounding those ingredients into various dosage forms of Thai Traditional Medicine recipes.


3. Traditional midwifery



4. Nuad Thai or Traditional Thai massage.


Treatment of diseases and symptoms and health promotion using Thai Traditional Medicine is considered a holistic medicine.

The treatment and health promotion emphasizes adjusting the balance of the body elements and various factors,

e.g., Tard Chao Ruan (dominant element of one’s body), seasons, where one lives, external elements have also been taken into account in order to give appropriate treatments. Treatments prescribed for patients are based on the four fields of Thai Traditional Medicine practice